we invest from
seed to growth


Whizzdom’s involvement and investments are geared for significant value creation considering future trends. We invest in the intersection of technology, media, communications, renewable energy and life sciences. A combination of industries and technologies showing substantial growth potential but have not yet discovered by the world at large. Our partners unique knowledge and experience in the identified sector ensures that we are uniquely placed to identify such string contra cyclical trends and opportunities.

we invest in

the innovators

creating cutting edge consumer brands and marketplaces

the whizz kids

that create data models and artificial intelligence solutions

the visionaries

that create new business models

target industry & market

We operate in The Netherlands, a market we understand best and have an affinity with.


Enhanced shopping and revenue management opportunities


Technologies that improve all aspects of healthcare and breakthrough science ventures

Sustainable energy

Opportunities in concept technology and materials

Communications & infra

Opportunities upon which broadcasting, and telecommunication services are operated



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